Chef Joseph Monteferante

Food creates memories between people and places. It is a pleasure to serve and teach, to share food and make memories.

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Each menu is based on the desired experience for guests. Whether the food is served, a buffet, or passed appetizers, brunch, lunch, or dinner, the food is tailored to reflect hospitality and a great experience for you and your guests. While events are in client’s homes, I also provide off-site catering services at venues that allow outside caterers. 

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Cooking Classes

Want to learn to cook? I offer individual and group cooking classes in homes. I have an extensive knowledge of cookery and culinary techniques. Cooking and meal planning can seem intimidating. My teaching is designed to make people see the possibilities in their pantry and refrigerator. Approachable, personal, and adaptable, you will learn how basic techniques can open a range of possibilities in the kitchen.  

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Meal & Ready-to-Eat Delivery

Meal delivery can be a great alternative to catering and cooking. I will create a variety of high quality meals or dishes that will alleviate the pressures of weekday dinners or holiday meal planning. The delivery can be a dinner to reheat, appetizers or lunches to be dropped off, prepped sides, entrees, or desserts.

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Rustic California, Mediterranean Country,
American Southwest, Barbary Coast

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Joe is an exceptional chef- his attention to details both in the food he prepares, along with what he knows his clients likes and dislikes are unparalleled. The freshness and quality of ingredients, along with his aesthetically pleasing presentation makes Joe our favorite choice; guests in our home always appreciate Joe in the kitchen with his warm and loving personality.
— Hedi Gross, Calabasas
I’d like to thank Joe because he helped me present wonderful dinners to friends and family!
Well thought out menus that reflect the seasons, food that is on the light side, but elegantly
presented. He makes it all look so “easy-breazy”, but one look at the choices he offers tells a
hostess that a great deal of research and planning goes into each menu. His soups are out of this world! My favorites are his chilled Pea and Mint soup, and his caramelized Carrot soup. His awesome brownies with the melted caramel worth the calories!!! Joe is the best friend a hostess could have!
— Linda Goldfein, Brentwood
Joe has consistently grown in his knowledge of food and expertise in its preparation. He is a chef who truly cares that the food he prepares is of the finest quality, looks delectable and tastes fabulous. Advancing from kitchen assistant to manager and head chef in a very short period of time, Joe displays a passion for learning new foods, preparation methods and techniques for better presentation.
— Peggy Dark, Founder of The Kitchen for Exploring Foods, Pasadena